martedì 31 dicembre 2013

Telling the story.


Some time ago we stumbled across a long debate on the substantial difference between self-esteem and egoism, and on the importance of learning to love ourselves in a healthy and natural way, providing the right value to the ability of understanding and accepting ourselves, in a harmony that enables us to be authentic and free to be simply ourselves.
Knowing ourselves to know the others.
Understanding ourselves to understand what we meet in our life.
Loving ourselves to love the rest of the world.

Sometimes we are brave enough to begin such an introspective journey, others it is more difficult,
but the enthusiasm remains solid.

Our project comes after this reflection: FirstLoveYourself, that wants to be a suggestion and not a concept, a message that originates from our heart, swings on itself and there it comes back, much stronger and full of energy.

A message of love and respect for ourselves, to “meet again” in a hug, a breath, a gesture, to be dedicated to one’s beauty and uniqueness.

For this reason we have thought that a t-shirt could be the most “in tune” element with this principle, since it is an easy garment to wear and it stays close to the heart.

The idea is developed around 4 T-Shirts realized in Italy, two portraying graphic elements and two  the institutional brand. 
2 necklines: round and U, with raw edge for the sleeves and the bottom too.

“FirstLoveYourSelf, not a brand just a way to be” wants exactly to be this.
A suggestion to be offered to ourselves, to better live “alone”, then together with the others.

To Love, LoveYourSelf First.

Mauro Affinito and Roberto Bonanomi

venerdì 31 maggio 2013

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